Overview of SOLARMAN Software

With the most reliable hardware devices, functional software and outstanding service, SOLARMAN is the right choice for everyone. It meets requirements of device manufacturer, investor, project developer, EPC and plant owner, etc. Moreover, the tailor-made needs can be easily covered under SOLARMAN modular design.
SOLARMAN software consists of two different products–SOLARMAN Business and SOLARMAN Smart. Both products are available in web-based portal and APPs.


SOLARMAN Business is developed to support professional technical management, covering the full life-cycle of PV plants:
  • Project Evaluation - PV resource analysis, plant simulation, production/yield forecast, etc.
  • Plant O&M - Data monitoring and visualizing, fault detecting and troubleshooting, performance rating, etc.
  • Asset Trade - Financial evaluation, cash flow forecast, ROI analysis, etc.

SOLARMAN Business - Device Access, Control and Data Processing

SOLARMAN solution is compatible with the inverter models from all major manufacturers and with numerous components, i.e. energy meter, gas meter, weather station, heat pump and smart plug, etc.

Key features of SOLARMAN Business – Device Sector:

  • Fast adaption with new devices and protocols;
  • Remote upgrade device firmware in batches;
  • Intelligent device controls under local/remote mode, fast response within seconds;
  • Customization for warnings and alerts;
  • Great flexibility for real-time data processing and authorization.

SOLARMAN Business - PV Plant Management

SOLARMAN Business perfectly fulfills the needs of technical professionals, making PV plant management easy, effective and efficient. Besides visualizing real-time data and analyzing performance indexes, i.e. PR, the product enables comparison among different plants, and comparison between plant’s actual generation and weather-based simulation. The expanded performance analysis gives extra meaningful messages for plant management.
Furthermore, 'Intelligent and Intuitive Alerts' allows O&M staff to spot fault information you care about at a glance.
To get rid of tons of alerts, SOLARMAN system merges the same type of alerts, and plots them on a distribution graph with intuitive trending display. As a specific device alert is linked to key parameter curves, you can easily find out impacts, such as yield loss, etc.


SOLARMAN Smart offers excellent experience to individual users, who can get all important data/information at a glance. The product is designed in simple style, ease of use, perfect for end-users.

SOLARMAN Smart - An Energy Expert Around You

SOLARMAN Smart monitors and visualizes all conditions of smart devices in end- user’s home, the household energy management has never been easier

Key features of SOLARMAN Smart:

  • Fast Setup - completes a plant setup after a few steps and adds smart devices as you need;
  • Accurate Analysis - calculates and reports energy usage pattern and give reasonable advice;
  • Graphic Display - understands power production&consumption status from a glimpse of energy flow chart;
  • Device Management - adds, deletes, changes, controls any devices at any time, any place;
  • Plant Management - shares a plant to a service provider or any friends within SOLARMAN platform, creating great convenience.