Data Logger


SOLARMAN data logger is specially designed for distributed residential/industrial&commercial plants. With its brand new design, it features in high reliability, high accuracy and high efficiency. Featuring in customization, it perfectly adapts to different kinds of distributed PV projects. Moreover, it furnishes plant developers, installers, O&M service providers with sophisticated tools to increase work efficiency and reduce management cost. For residential plants, it supports the monitoring of inverter, energy storage battery and other devices. For industrial&commercial plants, it is durable. And it supports inverter, combiner box, meter, weather station and other devices.


  • Standard Model: WiFi (4G optional)
  • Support RF local networking, no communication wiring is required.
  • Equipped with BT, optimizing networking experience and simplifying local configuration;


Product Name Data Logger Data Logger
Product Model EMH-2
Usage Scenario Distributed Residential Plant Distributed Industrial&Commercial Plant
No. of Connections 10 32
Working Voltage DC 5V AC 85-265V
Consumption 3.5W 3.5W
Remote Communication WiFi (2.4GHz)
Ethernet x2
4G (Optional)
NB (Reserved)
Slot SIM (IP20)
WiFi (2.4GHz)
Ethernet x1
4G (Optional)
NB (Reserved)
Slot SIM (IP65)
Remote Communication BT
RF (Optional)
LoRa (Reserved)
RF (Optional)
LoRa (Reserved)
Configuration APP/Remote APP/Remote
Serial Communication RS485 x2 (RS232 compatible) RS485 x1
Data Acquisition Interval 5min 5min
Memory 128M NAND FLASH
8G TF (Optional)
Extended Function Data Resuming
Real-time Control
Data Resuming
Real-time Control
Power-off Reminder
Dimension (mm) 160x85x27 150x120x75
Enclosure PC Aluminium Alloy
Installation Method Flatwise/Suspension/DIN-Rail Suspension
IP Grade IP20 IP65
Working Temperature -30℃~+70℃ -30℃~+70℃
Working Humidity 10%-90% (No Condensation) 10%-90% (No Condensation)